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  • Alone in Washington

    I met an amazing man just before the pandemic hit. He seemed to have all of the qualities that I was looking for on my Mister Right list.  About 2 months in he shared that he had a medical more.

  • Frat

    I went online and met woman that immediately caught my eye. After a few conversations, we met in person. That was five months ago. Since then we have seen each other every weekend. Last month I helped her move into a new spot. During transport, one of her boxes fell and the bottom busted open. In this box was some men's clothing and more.

  • Feeling Myself

    I used the pandemic to really get a hold of my weight. I changed my inner circle, got my finances together, closed on a home and lost nearly 90 lbs. I recently found out that my husband more.

  • My Man Child

    I have the perfect boyfriend. Last week her proposed and I said yes. The only problem I have is that he is still living in a boys world. He is good in many qualities and traits. Everything has to have the approval of his mom. Well almost everything.........

  • Flipped the Script

     I am in my mid 30's and decided to complete my degree program so I can apply for nursing school. This has been an lifelong endeavor of mine. 

  • Third Time Dummy

    I've had my third and final abortion. I cannot do this anymore. I am dealing with the guilt and pain. This last one was just not right. I am beginning to think that it taking a toll on my husband. He is unaware and thinks....