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Try These Dating Apps During Covid

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For those of you who are Single and Ready to Mingle, dating can be challenging especially during a pandemic. Where do you meet people? Since many places that people would normally rely on meeting potential suitors are closed, people are rushing to dating apps. It is true that we have a lot of time on our hands. After months of lock down, many people are reactivating their dating profiles, while millions of others are trying dating apps for the first time. Sites are experiencing a surge in activity. With more people using dating apps, one might conclude that the dating pool now has a better mix of people. Many singles are struggling to meet quality people with everyone running to dating apps.

We've done some research and found some pretty interesting information.

Facebook Dating -

Facebook introduced their dating app in 2019 and received mixed reviews on its effectiveness. The app displays people based off of your preference, and allows you to view at those that you previously passed up on. This is called their second look feature. If you want to expand your search, you can view people that are slightly outside of your preference/criteria. The neat thing about this, is that you will not be shown people in your friend list. This feature is good for many who do not want their friends to know they are on Facebook Dating. However, you do have the opportunity to select a person with a profile on Facebook as a secret crush. Facebook dating is new but has the same swipe mechanism as Tinder. One thing that many people like about this app besides it being free , is that there are info cards that allows you to reveal fun facts. These cards are displayed in addition to your minor bio. These blocks make it easy to break the ice and show a bit of your personality. It also shows the mutual friends that you share with the potential suitors.

Even nice, you can see who likes you, when they like you, instead of waiting until you two mutually like each other.

Hinge -

Say goodbye to the "swipe" method of matching. Hinge has a different approach and algorithm design that aides in the match making process. At the time of this post, the platform has been hailed as the relationship app. Upon setting up the profile, the user is presented with some pretty key questions. The way these questions are answered will likely eliminate certain people from your view. The questions may be uncomfortable for some, but important part of the dating experience. You may see questions about drug use or may be prompted to reveal your belief on a controversial issue. Of course, you have the option not to answer. After answering the questions, the user proceeds to set up a profile by adding pictures and or videos. It even allows the user to add captions! Once the profile questions and images/videos are set up, you go on to preferences. The thing that's awesome is that you can list your deal breakers. Sometimes other apps, will still present matches that are not compatible or match your preferences completely. For instance, if you have a dating distance preference, Hinge will ask if this is a deal breaker. If it is, you will not see anyone that is outside of the mile range. Also, people are pretty particular when it comes to likes. As of this moment, Hinge has a 10 like limit. So suitors are more likely to be conservative when deciding who to like.

Bumble -

Allows the woman to take the lead. Once a mutual match is made, the woman is tasked with making the first move by initiating contact. She has 24 hours after the match to reach out. The guy then has 24 hours to respond for the first time. If she fails to initiate or he fails to respond, the match is expires. The app is very similar to Tinder. In fact one of the co-creators of Tinder created Bumble. Its pretty simple and very user friendly. The signature swipe and super like feature are pretty easy to understand and use. If you swiped left on someone in error, you are able to go back and undo this action.

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